Businesses that you can start with under $1,000 capital

If you want to achieve time and financial freedom, then you should put up your own business. You are your own boss. You work for yourself and not for something else. However, putting up your own business can be quite challenging, especially if you do not have enough financial resources. Fortunately, there are businesses that you can start even with just under a $1,000 capital. They are the following:

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1.       House cleaning – Putting up a house cleaning business is easy. You just need to hire people who are experienced in doing thorough house cleaning. The market feasibility is high as almost everyone today are busy and don’t have much time to clean their homes. You can start your own house cleaning business for less than $500.

2.       Event planning – Do you have strong attention to detail? Are you good at organizing events? If yes, then you can actually put up your own event planning business. You wouldn’t believe it, but the event planning is a million dollar industry. Many people out there are looking for event organizers and they are more than willing to pay extra cash just to make sure their event will be perfect.

3.       Freelancer writer – Are you someone who is fond of writing and wishing that you will be seeing your name in prints? If yes, then being a freelance writer will definitely suit you. To start your own writing business, you need some money for buying computers and other tools you need to get your business on the move.

4.       Property management – It is a demanding business but is very rewarding, especially when done right. For your property management business to be successful, you will need to employ people with the right skills and experience. In less than $500, you can start your own property management business.

5.       Pet Care – Do you love animals? If yes, then a Pet Care business will suit you. It is financially rewarding too as pets are a billion dollar business, especially in the United States. Just make sure the people you hire in your business have love and compassion for pets. It is the primary ingredient for a successful business.

6.       Vlogger/Blogger – Are you someone who loves sharing your day to day routine; someone who loves to share her/his experiences with the world? If yes, then you can be a successful vlogger/blogger. It may require some money, to begin with, but it wouldn’t be as high as $1,000. You need to buy a camera, computer, and other tools you need to run a successful blog/vlog. You need to get millions of followers to start earning and one way of getting real followers is by making your blog interesting and entertaining. It does need a lot of creativity to keep your business running.

Just because you don’t have thousands of dollar in your bank account does not necessarily mean that you can’t put up your own business. With less than $1,000, you can start operating your own business. Start low and slow and gently work your way to the top.